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Are you searching for a deeper connection and healing on all levels?
Explore self-growth, physical vitality, peace, and gratitude on all levels, Body Mind and Soul!
A holistic way to improving your health.
Movement Medicine, Corrective Exercise, Breath-Work and Energy Healing to Prevent Disease.
Medical Yoga with Holy Fire Reiki is the perfect combination that ignites the Soul while healing and balancing body and mind.
Try a custom tailored one on one private practice.
Private Medical Yoga for one hour includes:
Emotional Freedom Technique
Tapping and Affirmations
Breath Exercises to reduce stress
Restorative Yoga with props
Body work and trigger point areas addressed with energy medicine healing
Guided meditation with Holy Fire II Reiki Healing energy work to heal straight from Source.
Contact info:
Dr Dacia Milescu
Retired Physician
Currently: Professor of Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biology Daytona State College
Medical Yoga & Pilates Privider
Master Holy Fire II Reiki Practitioner and Teacher
Owner/ Founder since 2010
Serenity Now Yoga Barre & Healing Arts Center

Spartan Soul Wellness Class Launch July 2019

Due to my surgical recovery, I had lots of time to be inspired in 2019, so it brought to surface the creation of a new fusion class. I will be serving at my studio starting July 11th at 6 pm. Location: 1200 west state road 434 suite 212 Longwood Fl 32750

This class is an evolution and transformation of all the skills in my pocket that I have learned over many years in the fitness & wellness industry.

Back in 2011, I was interested in energy medicine. I began training and eventually became a Reiki master in 2014.

Back in 2013, I also learned another energy medicine technique called Pranic healing. Both of these energy healing techniques, I’ve been using separately from any physical & wellness services that I have offered in the past, including medical yoga, chair yoga, restorative yoga, and more recently pilates.

I decided this year that we can actually fuse it all together and create fitness, wellness, and holistic healing services option in one amazing group class.

Here is the basic structure of the class. 

Spartan Soul Pilates, Yoga, Guided Meditation & Reiki:

I will begin with Pilates. It will then continue into a Restorative Yoga practice. The last 20 minutes we will end with a guided meditation, and energy healing using Holy Fire Reiki

In the very near future, I will also be working with my personal trainer Lars Eric Rouville-Brown to create an amazing class that will fuse classic Fitness, with Yoga and Pilates. It will be called Spartan Soul Fitness Yoga & Pilates.

If any of you are interested, please join me for a class July 11th at my studio Serenity Now Yoga Barre and Healing Arts Center in Longwood Florida which was established in 2010.

The class will be held every Thursday evening from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. If you are interested please contact me personally. You can text me and I will set you up for the group class.

Here is the link to classes at SNY via MINDBODY app.

Please toggle to July 11 and sign in. Reserve as drop in $10.

If you still need assistance, I am a text away. 😊

Dr.  Dacia Milescu

mobile: 407-739-7183

Owner/Founder Serenity Now Yoga Corp. EST. 2010

Professor Daytona State College – Human Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Retired Foot and Ankle Physician 2012

Medical Yoga Teacher

Corrective Healing Movement Specialist

Energy Medicine Healing Practitioner through Reiki and Pranic Healing.

Adult, Prenatal, and Kids Montessori Yoga Teacher

What Clients are Saying:
1. Dacia has been a wonderful asset in helping me improve flexibility and maintaining health function. Over the years she has guided me in ways to modify yoga postures in response to my body’s individual needs. She has helped bring relief from arthritis -related issues, easing their effect, particularly with back issues. Her warmth, empathy, and caring manner is most appreciated and evident in her timely response to getting an appointment saying flexibly, “Call me when you need me.” Dacia’s extensive knowledge of anatomy allows her to pinpoint areas of concern or discomfort with a seemingly sixth sense! I consider her a beautiful adjunct t o staying flexible and active and enjoying life. Thanks, Dacia!
2. I was in a near fatal motorcycle in December of 2006. I was in a comma and on life support for three weeks and in ICU for four weeks. I suffered compression of cervical joints C5, C6 and C7 and underwent decompression surgery. I suffered multiple rib fractures, fractured left clavicle, fractured left scapula, partial thickness tear of the left rotator cuff, multiple fractures to the thoracic section of my back and a fractured left pelvis bone.
At the time of the accident I was 53 years old and in good physical condition. Since that time I have experienced chronic severe pain in my back, shoulder and ribs. The chronic pain has been rehabilitating. I have been to 2 chiropractors, 2 pain management specialists, multiple physical therapy specialists, and multiple massage therapists and to Jewitt Orthopedic to a shoulder specialist. I received very little help that lasted more than a few hours from any of the specialists.
Out of complete frustration I searched for an alternative solution. I discovered Dr. Milescu’s website for Serenity Now Yoga. In December of 2011. I made an appointment with Dr. Milescu for private medical yoga therapy. I have been seeing her once a week since that time. No physical therapy has been as effective as the medical yoga therapy that Dr. Milescu performs. I am now able to go on with life without rehabilitating pain. I have also decreased my level of pain medication.

3. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has moderate to severe chronic pain and has not found an acceptable solution. It has worked for me. I have increased mobility decreased pain gained strength both physical mental and spiritual. The guided meditation completes the session, making it the highlight of my week. I am able to be more relaxed focused and productive throughout my work day.



Dacia has improved my flexibility and though I still have a ways to go her patient encouragement helps me from giving up. Her multifaceted experience and education enables you to discuss your back health and all the things that can be incorporated in the healing process. She is charming, intelligent and is truly a gifted healer.

Dacia is a wonderful teacher. Her multi-disciplined backgrounds of medicine, yoga and energy work shine in the classroom! TonyD

I am a medical massage therapist in Altamonte Springs and work with many clients who are in need of medical yoga under the supervision of a highly educated and knowledgeable professional…Dr. Milescu is that person. I completely trust her in working with chronic pain conditions and injuries or limitations in clients. I cannot recommend her enough. The studio is clean, beautiful and conducive to healing. She offers incredible workshops. She is also my Reiki teacher, and I highly recommend her for certification in Reiki. 5 stars across the board!

I had been in a terrible single car accident; was in a coma for a week and had a stroke. It took three years before I was able to get to see Dr. Milescu for her private sessions but after 4 months my flexibility, balance, and most of my strength has started to improve significantly! I highly recommend her!

I love love LOVE this place! Great classes! beautiful space and really great people.! I highly recommend this studio for classes, sessions, workshops and events. They really are an amazing place with lots to offer the community. The owner is so lovely and talented and does an amazing job!

A place I can almost call “Home”. I discovered Serenity Now a year ago, and I go to all the classes I can make. All the trainers are amazing always with a big smile on their face and ready to help whenever you need it. Not to mention I got a real body and mind transformation in this year! When you walk through the door you feel already at peace and happy. Thank you for everything

I love this studio. The teachers are great, the atmosphere is great and it’s affordable.


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