Healing and Inspiration

So today I got inspired watching my animals stretch. I did my first butterfly since May 25th!!!

I’m ready to come back slowly, hit me up for private medical yoga and reiki! I will not take on a big workload, but start easing my way in. Thank you all for your patience as I healed through major surgery. I now have a hip implant good for 20 years!

Group classes for yoga: I will resume in August. Dr. Dacia Milescu


Professor Science- Anatomy & Human Biology Daytona State College-Science Department 

Retired Podiatric Physician 

Yoga Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Serenity Now Yoga & Dance- A Holistic Wellness Center




Studio Cell: 407-472-5011

Dr. Milescu Cell: 407-739-7183

Medical Yoga facilitator- Movement Medicine to Prevent Disease

Corrective Exercise and Alignment Biomechanics

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