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Medical Yoga Pilates and Energy Medicine
  • Customized medically beneficial yoga practice as a corrective movement arts specialist.
  • Assisted Therapeutic Stretching.
  • Movement Medicine through therapeutic exercises combining Pilates, Yoga, Breath-Work, and Corrective Postural work.
  • Chair Yoga for Disabilities
  • Therapeutic exercise to improve Activities of Daily Living.
  • Energy Balancing via intentional energy through guided Holy Fire II Reiki Healing.
  • As a Holy Fire II Reiki Teacher/Master, and an ordained Chaplain with Universal Life Church: Visionary Pathworking to connect to a daily spiritual cleansing practice.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): tapping the Meridians, and chakra  centers while vocalizing affirmations.
  • Guided Meditation with Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Visualization.

Medical Yoga is one hour private session that addresses the individual holistically by connecting the body and mind through a therapeutic medical yoga and pilates program, designed specifically to address the individual needs, be it body strength, posture, alignment, flexibility, pain management, and increased mobility through assisted stretching and passive joint range of motion exercises.

What kind of clients seek Medical Yoga?

Dr. Milescu accepts chronic knee, neck, back and hip pain clients. 

The program is also designed to address the mental and spiritual aspects of an individual’s needs. 

Typical clients can be found from all walks of life: corporate personnel, nurses, doctors, teachers, stressed out moms, and many people living in this busy world. 

Dr. Milescu offers a sanctuary for healing and wellness. 

This is a place for pressing the reset button, and renewing one’s physical body mind and spirit.

The session is customized to address the life cycle changes, restlessness, anxieties, and life’s day to day stress related issues.

The modalities come from natural healing: energy medicine, breathwork, guided meditations, and

emotional freedom technique (EFT): tapping the meridians, and chakra  centers while vocalizing affirmations.

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